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Wind turbines--Technological innovations; Wind tunnels--Technological innovations;


This study presents an empirical method for developing a new approach in which a wind tunnel apparatus is used to improve the efficiency of power output by a small-scale wind turbine. A custom-designed wind tunnel attachment was constructed to record, analyze, and interpret both incoming and outgoing wind velocity readings. Moreover, the dissertation project addresses a significant issue concerning the power generation of an experimental wind turbine while the wind tunnel is attached. Wind power characteristics that indicate power output versus wind velocity were obtained by performing a number of case studies. The case studies included normal operation of the experimental wind turbine at variable wind velocity values with and without the proposed wind tunnel. The statistical t-Test and One-way ANOVA analyses were performed to suggest whether or not the proposed approach would be useful for wind turbine manufacturers to evaluate the degree that contributes to the variability of renewable energy production. Besides, the results may be helpful to support educational institutions in providing renewable energy awareness in Iowa and in the US by providing adequate information for the selection and handling of the parameters that control the variability of the energy needs.

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Doctor of Industrial Technology


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Mohammad F. Fahmy

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