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Sickle cell anemia in children--Saudi Arabia; Sickle cell anemia--Patients--Services for--Saudi Arabia; Mothers of children with disabilities--Services for--Saudi Arabia; Mothers of children with disabilities--Saudi Arabia--Attitudes; Social networks--Saudi Arabia;


The purpose of this study is to understand the perceptions of mothers in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, in Qatif City when using four social support types (emotional support, instrumental support, informational support, and appraisal support) with their children who have Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). Also, this study aims to understand the mothers’ roles in providing social support to children with SCD, as well as asses the types of social support that mothers used to help their children with SCD. Lastly, this study assesses the factors that influence the mothers to provide social support. A qualitative design; semi-structured interview method was used. Interview questions were created in both Arabic and English, but, the participants were interviewed in Arabic. Results suggest that most mothers of children with SCD use instrumental and emotional support the most, followed by informational support. No evidence of appraisal support was reported by mothers in this study. In addition, there are some factors that affect Saudi Arabian mothers providing social support to their children with SCD, such as belief in God willing, the role of extended family, and the roles of role model and beauty concept. Finally, at the end of the study, the mothers indicate positive perceptions of use of social support.

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