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Sports--Iowa--Cedar Falls--Psychological aspects; Sports injuries--Iowa--Cedar Falls--Psychological aspects; College athletes--Iowa--Cedar Falls--Psychology; University of Northern Iowa--Students--Psychology; Pride and vanity;


The purpose of this study was to examine pride and motivational orientation of Division I athletes. The secondary purpose was to examine if these constructs effect the rehabilitation behaviors of injured athletes. Participants were 219 male and female athletes from a Division I institute completed on an athletic demographics questionnaire, 7-item Authentic and Hubristic pride scales, and The Sport Motivation Scale. If athletes became injured (n = 51), certified athletic trainers and senior athletic training students completed a weekly injury report and a rehabilitation behavior questionnaire on these athletes. Preliminary analyses (frequencies, descriptives, reliabilities, and correlations), followed by two separate MANOVAs, a cluster analysis, a MANOVA, an ANOVA, and a Multiple Regression were conducted. Results revealed all scales demonstrated adequate reliabilities, alphas ranging from .77 to .90 for motivational orientation and from .88 to .89 for pride. Inter-rater reliability for certified athletic trainers and senior athletic training students had adequate reliability for all 5 items (α = .91). Hubristic pride was weakly, positively correlated with amotivation (r = .21), and moderately positively correlated with extrinsic motivation (r = .33). Authentic pride was weakly, negatively correlated with amotivation (r = -.27), moderately positively correlated with intrinsic motivation (r = .40), and weakly, positively correlated with extrinsic motivation (r = .20). Both MANOVAs determining differences between injured and non-injured athletes on pride and motivation were not significant (p’s > .13). Four cluster groups emerged based on motivational profile, and did significantly differ on pride (p =

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