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Computer software industry--Jordan; Computer software development--Jordan;


The software industry in Jordan is lagging behind at the local and global levels, despite the fact that Jordan has invested a significant amount of its resources on developing skilled human resources. This thesis addresses the basic challenges that must be addressed in a small country like Jordan to boost its local, regional, and global contributions to the ever-growing software industry. This thesis investigates the main factors that enable a more productive software industry and also factors that inhibit its growth. In particular, the thesis addresses the impact of regulations and legislations, standards, quality of education, and the issue-oriented software industry. This thesis also investigates the collaboration between government, industry, and the academy as a major enabler of the software industry by drawing upon industry models that have proven to be successful in countries such as India, Ireland, and China that have established successful export-oriented software industries.

This thesis uses a quantitative study. A survey design and analysis was adopted as the method that guided the data collection and analysis through a questionnaire consisting of 41 questions distributed over six independent variables.

This thesis provides an overview of the software aspects in Jordan, giving an indication of the growing state of software industries in developing countries. Many vital points should be highlighted in this study, such as the strengths, weaknesses, difficulties, and challenges that Jordanian companies suffered from. In addition, this study clarifies the hopes that Jordanian companies dream to achieve with comparison to their limited capabilities.

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Master of Science


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Ali Kashef, Chair

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