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Interactive whiteboards--Turkey--Istanbul; Teachers--In-service training--Turkey--Istanbul; Teachers--Turkey--Istanbul--Attitudes;


The primary purpose of this study is to investigate Turkish public school teachers’ and principals’ perceptions regarding professional development opportunities and practices that may be available for interactive whiteboard (IWB) use. The study aims at investigating the following questions: (1) What are Turkish teachers’ perceptions of the quantity and quality of IWB training they receive? (2) How does professional development affect teachers’ use of an IWB in a Turkish K-12 classroom? (3) What type of professional development do teachers have before and after the installation of the IWB in their classroom? (4) What differences, if any, are there among teachers who are new to the IWB technology, those who have been using it for a short period of time, and those who have been using it for a long time? (5) How do Turkish teachers use IWB in their classroom? The Participants of this study were a pool of teachers and principals of public schools in Istanbul, Turkey. Both teachers and principals were asked to fill out a survey developed by the investigator which consists of four major areas: frequency of use of IWBs, type of training received, any other training the school provides, and teachers’ perceptions of or satisfaction with the IWB training they receive. The results of the study proved to be very helpful to teachers and schools who use IWBs for instructional purposes. Thus, implications of this study for teachers, principals, and policy makers will be provided.

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Doctor of Industrial Technology


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