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Library employees--Job satisfaction--Case studies; Job satisfaction--Case studies; Organizational commitment--Case studies;


Research in regards to job satisfaction and organizational commitment is growing. Given that work is such an important part of people’s lives, their level of commitment to their organization and their degree of job satisfaction are of great importance, both personally and to the organization. In this study, I administered a survey to the Waterloo and Cedar Falls libraries that assessed employee organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Summary statistics for all variables will be presented. Differences in components of job satisfaction and organizational commitment between the Cedar Falls Public Library and the Waterloo Public Library will be examined. This will provide a guide to library leadership regarding areas of concern and areas of strength at each library. The findings from this study can be used as a guide for organizational interventions in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls libraries to create a better work environment for their employees. The results will assist in finding meaningful recommendations for substantive action and organizational change and may help in regards to the libraries collecting data in the future. I will be looking at two main variables of job satisfaction and organizational commitment and how they relate to other aspects of work. The comparisons I will make across the two main variables will be work schedule, compensation, training, time management, coworkers, supervisors, conditions of workplace, and job description. The results suggested that both libraries had high scores across most variables. Certain variables were significantly correlated to either job satisfaction or organizational commitment and recommendations were made if it was determined that change was needed in the libraries.

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