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Exercise for women--Social aspects; Exercise for women--Psychological aspects;


Weight-related teasing is associated with predictors of physical activity such as self-efficacy and social support. It is possible that more frequent weight-related teasing is directly associated with engagement in physical activity.

The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between weight-related teasing and engagement in physical activity, body composition and physical activity enjoyment among female college students. This study also investigated the possibility that physical activity enjoyment mediates the relationship between weight-related teasing and physical activity.

Fifty-seven female college students participated in the study. Participants completed the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale to measure how much they enjoyed participating in physical activity and the Perception of Teasing Scale to evaluate experiences of weight teasing. Participants also wore the Actigraph GT3X+ accelerometers for seven days. Finally, body composition was analyzed using bioelectrical impedance.

Body fat percentage was negatively correlated to physical activity enjoyment (r = -.313, p < .05) and vigorous physical activity (r = -.296, p < .05), and positively correlated to teasing frequency (r = .397, p < .05). Physical activity enjoyment was negatively related to frequency of weight-related teasing (r = -.313, p < .05), and positively correlated to the physical activity habit variables (r = .543, p < .05). Weightrelated teasing was negatively correlated to vigorous physical activity (r = -.232, p < .05). Weight-related teasing was not a significant predictor of vigorous physical activity (F1,55 = 3.14; p = .082; r2 = .05), but it was a significant predictor of physical activity enjoyment (F1,55 = 16.4; p < .01; r2 = .23). Finally, physical activity enjoyment was a significant predictor of vigorous physical activity (F1,55 = 5.96; p = .018; r2 = .10).

It is important to design physical activity programs that participants find enjoyable and safe, specially overweight and obese female participants. Fitness instructors should be educated about the effects of teasing on physical activity enjoyment and engagement in vigorous physical activity.

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