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Educational change--Iowa; Teachers--Iowa--Attitudes;


Effective implementation of change remains a crucial concern for educational leaders in the 21st Century. In order for research-based strategies to affect their desired outcome upon student achievement, classroom teachers working directly with students must implement those initiatives effectively. Yet for a variety of reasons, implementation of reform remains fragmented. One of the factors affecting effective implementation of reform is resistance to change. Veteran teachers in particular present unique challenges, and stereotypically the greatest resistance, for effective implementation of change. This qualitative research project used semi-structured interviews with nine veteran (20+ years) teachers to provide data to sift through four lenses. One lens was grand social theory including structural functionalism, conflict theory, and systems theory. A second, more-narrowly focused lens was organizational theory. A third lens was resistance literature from the business world. The fourth lens considered experiences unique to veteran teachers. Implications of this research suggest that re-framing resistance might improve organizational trust and strengthen ownership of initiatives among those working directly with students in the classroom. Understanding the complexity of resistance among veteran teachers validates their mission and memory while strengthening the implementation of initiatives at the local level.

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Doctor of Education


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