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Teriberka Festival; Sustainable development--Russia (Federation)--Teriberka; Sustainability--Russia (Federation)--Teriberka; Festivals--Russia (Federation)--Teriberka--Economic aspects;


Sustainable development refers to positive economic, social, and environment changes brought both locally and globally, creating a better world for individuals and future generations. Sustainable development in the Arctic shares the same approach, yet the smallness and remoteness of the Arctic regions often present a challenge to its implementation (Larsen & Huskey, 2015). I believe that the remarkable beauty, culture, history, and geography of these territories may generate positive returns for sustainable development through the organization of festivals. This paper examines the Teriberka festival taking place in a small same-name village in the Russian Arctic. The questions raised are what constitutes a sustainable Arctic festival, and whether or not the Teriberka festival can be considered one of them. By utilizing interviews with the primary and secondary festival stakeholders, this research aims to capture how the Teriberka festival contributes to the sustainable development of the village from the economic, social, and environmental perspective. It points out that the way each festival addresses these three aspects largely depends on the context, such as the history and background of the host community and festival initiation. In case of Teriberka, the socio-economic aspect of SD is predominant while the environmental one is addressed to a lesser extent. The study concludes that the changes are brought by the festival indirectly, through the tourism development and drawing attention of the government that starts to direct its efforts towards improving the infrastructure in the village.

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Andrey N. Petrov, Chair, Thesis Committee

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