Faculty Publications


This list of faculty publications does not represent a complete body of scholarship for the faculty members from the Rod Library. This collection contains only open access publications or publications that have been granted specific permission to be posted to UNI ScholarWorks, UNI's institutional repository.

For a complete publication listing for a faculty member, see their profile located in the SelectedWorks Faculty Profile Gallery. The SelectedWorks Faculty Profile has a more complete list of publications and includes links to publications deposited in UNI ScholarWorks and links out to publisher's websites.

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Browne, Katelyn Marshall, Jerilyn Pratesi, Angela L.
Cox, Angela Martin, Katherine Rod-Welch, Leila
Cox, Christopher N. Moore, Susan M. Weeg, Barbara
Gould, Gretchen B. Neuhaus, Christopher F. Wrede, Clint
Gruber, Anne Marie H. Neuhaus, Ellen E.


Events from 2017


Addressing Wicked Problems in Practical Ways: Empowering Ethical Action in Higher Ed and Beyond, Cara B. Stone and Anne Marie Gruber

Events from 2016


"Come on Down!”: Gaming in the Flipped Classroom, Angie Cox


Communication Awards, Chris Cox, Jean Korinke, and Virginia Hong

Roles and Responsibilities of Deans and Directors in Digital Initiatives and Campus IRs, W. Lee Hisle, Christopher Cox, and Jennifer Nutefall

Let’s get serious: The role of academic libraries in preparing graduate students for their collegiate careers, Leila June Rod-Welch

Submissions from 2013


50 Shades of Green: Promoting Campus Sustainability through Library Partnerships, Meghann Toohey and Anne Marie H. Gruber

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


Obscenity and pornography: A historical look at the American Library Association, the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, and the Supreme Court, Gretchen Brooke Gould Open Access Thesis

Submissions from 2008


Modeling Scholarly Inquiry: One Article at a Time, Anne Marie H. Gruber, Mary Anne Knefel, Jessica Schreyer, and Paul Waelchli

Submissions from 2006


An Analysis of the Impact of Federated Search Products on Library Instruction Using the ACRL Standards, Christopher N. Cox


The Depth and Breadth of Google Scholar: An Empirical Study, Chris F. Neuhaus, Ellen E. Neuhaus, Clint Wrede, and Alan Asher