Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017

Values Attached to Educational Goals and Perceived Outcomes, Educational Motivation, and Study Processes, Marie Adebiyi, Younis Al-Hassan, and Carole Hansborough

Lead Use in Lip Balms, Julie Grunklee

Head Out of Water Weighing: A Valid Method to Measure Body Fat Storage?, Molly Hussey

An Analysis of Youth Participation in Athletics, Jonathan Klein Jonathan Klein

Certified Nonprofit Professionals Early Career Decisions and Student Loan Debt, Kristina Kofoot

Combating College Student Stress through Forming Nature Connections as a Youth, Thomas Lockard

Identifying Meaningful Patient Health Outcomes Among the Athletic Population, Tricia Schrage

Proof of Concept and Feasibility Assessment of Manufacturing a Portable Bio-char Reactor, Saeed Zaher Soleimani


Misplaced Priorities: How County Health Departments Overlook the Leading Causes of Death, Jeremy Whitaker

Events from 2016

Parental Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Their Infant's Mandatory Vaccination in Saudi Arabia, Amani Al Rebeh

Youth Voices, Michelle Cook and Theodora Jn Baptiste

Leisure, Happiness, and Comedy, Theodora Jn Baptiste and Younis Al Hassan

Certified Nonprofit Professionals and the Influence of College Financial Assistance on Early Work Force Choices, Kristina Kofoot

The Role of Perceived Motivational Climate on Injury Occurrence and Rehabilitation Behaviors, Katie Langmeier


Effects of Immediate Family Presence on Sport Performance, Jessie Pauley

Pride and Motivational Tendencies in Division I Athletes After Injury, Andrew Vereen

Perfectionism and Fear of Failure in Relation to Injury Occurrence and Rehabilitation Behaviors, Pamela Westendorf

Events from 2015


Mindfulness Tools for Veterans With PTSD, Amy Davison


Impact of Student Organizations on the Development of Core Competencies, Stanley Somtochukwu Ebede

A Follow-up of Patient Reported Outcomes in Chronic Plantar Heel Pain Subjects Treated with Graston Technique: A Mixed Methods Approach, Troy Garrett

Exploring the Perceived Work-Life Effects of Changes in Family Status on the Collegiate Outdoor Recreation Coordinators, Andrew Martin


Lifeguard Fitness Readiness: Certification vs. Qualification, Jacob Rasmussen


Assessing Vulnerability Mapping of Nitrate Contamination Among the Private Well Owners of Black Hawk County, IA, Junu Shrestha and Sushil Tuladhar